Thursday, March 28, 2013

Email policy for children - more thoughts

Email and messaging overuse

        Children’s email usage can, much like video games and television, become addictive and overwhelming.  Many scientific studies have been and will continue to be conducted to measure trends and results of children’s email usage. It falls to parents to be vigilant, not only to immediate safety dangers but also to long term-effects of email, messaging, and Internet use. Here are some behavior signs to look for:

1.       Privacy demands
2.       Crankiness
     3.       Changes in sleep habits
     4.       Suddenly lower grades
     5.       Fewer family and social interactions

     6.       Neglecting chores or normal responsibilities
     7.       Refusals to log off

     8.       Polite-language degradation

     9.       Changes in eating habits
    10.    Less outdoor and physical activity

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