Sunday, October 4, 2020

World Animal Day


We’re celebrating World Animal Day today! On one hand, we adore the amazing creatures that we share our planet with. On the other, today we must reflect on the pain that they face.

Over 28,000 animals are at risk of extinction. And much of this hardship is directly caused by human activity.

We have often written to you about specific creatures and our fears about their path forward. We have talked about the dwindling populations of the gorilla, and the risk of COVID-19 on these marvelous animals. We have contacted you about the adorable pangolin, and how the wildlife trade is decimating the species. We have reached out about our rhinos and elephants, begging you to join our movement to end poaching. But today is not about a single animal or single issue — today serves as a reminder of the importance of our movement holistically.

A very real possibility exists in which so many of the animals we know and love today are not around for future generations.
Help us avoid this reality.

Today is a day for celebration and for reflection. We wish you the best on this World Animal Day,

-- Save Animals Facing Extinction