Friday, September 4, 2020

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 Netquette typically refers to emails and, less frequently, texting and Twitter. But all online communication has a need for Netiquette. the following article is the best I have seen.


Is your Zoom Netiquettette lacking?

Updated 8 hours ago

As the pandemic keeps millions around the world at home, video conferencing is taking on a more important role in the workplace. (Zoom, for example, saw daily meeting participants jump from 10 million pre-pandemic, to a peak of over 300 million.) But a few months in, barking dogs and background spouses aren’t cute anymore, etiquette experts warn. Here are some simple rules they suggest to maintain your professional credibility:

  • Don’t be late — if you’re clicking to join the meeting at the exact time your meeting starts, you’re already late.
  • No chewing — a cup of coffee or some water is OK, but don't eat on a video call. Especially crunchy foods.
  • Be present — when you’re multitasking, it’s more obvious than you think.