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Netiquette IQ Blog For 12/10/16 - Netiquette - Avoiding Wordiness

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Netiquette - Avoiding  Wordiness
In my first book (see above and below), the preponderance of brevity in emails was often discussed and lamented! But emails which are overly long are also a Netiquette issue. Below is an excerpt form the book which discusses this very topic. 

If an email sender can master the right balance between wordiness and content paucity, their massages will stand out and avoid being misunderstood.

          This report, by its very length, defends itself against the risk of being read.

—Winston Churchill


        During the course of a busy day, receiving a long and detailed email is seldom welcomed. Worse still, the longer a correspondence is, the less likely it is to be read. There also is a distinct possibility that even if it is read, it may not be read completely or with full attention.

        If a long email is necessary, the proper Netiquette should be followed to ensure readability: for example, the early introduction of a major topic and a brief explanation for the need to have a long message. It may also be best to have the correspondence divided and sent separately.

        One long-term negative factor of sending a long or verbose message is that it may set a bad precedent in which the recipient will not immediately or ever read future correspondence.

Simple steps to avoid wordiness

        Certain phrases can contribute to make sentences less clear as well as providing more verbosity. Among these are the following:
  • Kind of
  • Sort of
  • For all intents and purposes
  • Due to the fact
  • Basically, actually
  • As previously stated
  • Generally speaking
  • In particular
  • Generally, in general

Redundant words and appositives

        An appositive is defined (by as a word or phrase to identify, amplify, or rename the preceding word. These can be unnecessarily obvious. Samples of appositives that add no value are shown below:
This is an example of an appositive that provides unnecessary identification.

George Washington, the first president of the United States and a founding father…

George Washington, the first president…

George Washington

For a great satire on email, please see the following:
Good Netiquette And A Green Internet To All! 
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