Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Netiquette for email tips to avoid having a lack of closure

Emails which lack closure

        One of the premiere benefits derived from email is enabling the sender to quickly schedule, confirm, postpone or cancel events.  In addition, other situations of any kind can be introduced for the purpose of resolving any conflict or misunderstanding.  However, too often emails result in generating ambiguity and multiple messages going back and forth.  All participants in an email thread should avoid the following:

Lets speak tomorrow

I will contact you later

Give me a call mid-week

Maybe one day next week
When unnecessary postponements occur, the communication threads  can become more confusing. This may result in misunderstandings, delays, missed deadlines or frustration by the associated party or parties. If closure cannot be achieved, a commitment should be made when to do so.


Last bolg's quiz/fact

How many emails are sent per day? (Source: Stephens'Lighthouse)

1.) 19 billion

2.) 54 billion

3.) 101 billion

4.) 121 billion

5.) 144 billion

The correct answer is number five, 144 billion

Today;s feature is five beautiful/powerful words which can add positive content to one's email.

They are: elegant, lithe, zenith, opulent and compelling

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