Sunday, January 27, 2013

Word redundancies in email

Given the fact that most email are relatively brief, a significant amount of repetitive words occur. Many times these duplications happen when an email sender's primary language is not English. Below are some of the most common. If the reader goes through these several times, it will greatly reduce this happening and result in clearer, more concise communication! Any suggestion for adding others not mentioned here, would be appreciated.

Redundant Pairs

        Most email writers cannot avoid using redundant pairs and this is a common mistake made even in brief messages.  Some generic examples of these include:

·         past                  remembrances

·         basic                 fundamentals

·         true                   facts

·         honest               truth

·         terrible              tragedy

·         final                  outcome

·         unexpected                surprise

·         past                  history

·         future                plans

·         boundary           line

     There are many, many more of these and the best way to reduce their usage is to maintain good Netiquette in messages and to edit text before sending.

Redundant Categories

        Email senders can reduce verbosity by being mindful to avoid descriptions which are not necessary.

        large in size

        often times

        of a bright color

        heavy in weight

        period in time

        round in shape

        at an early time

        economic field

        of cheap quality

        in a confused state




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