Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Security Measures for Parents to Provide Young Email and Text Users

Preventive measures

        The first steps for parents to take involve security measures for all devices.  Most households have some types of protection and these should be as comprehensive as possible.  The following list outlines many of the essential ones:

1.     Firewalls and traditional protection products such as spyware and identity protection

2.     Service provider filters for websites and content

3.     Rules for usage

4.     Regular check-ups and supervision

5.     Regular discussions about usage, where, when, how

6.     Familiarization with school programs for cyber bullying

7.     Young people must be constantly encouraged to immediately report any bullying occurring

8.     An atmosphere of blamelessness should be established to encourage communication regarding bullying

9.     Understanding of steps and measures to take when cyber bullying occurs is essential

10.  Children and young adults need to constantly be assured and reinforced that they have help available

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