Saturday, June 15, 2013

Language and vocabulary trends with email

My last three posts have dealt with email intercept. As a pause to this series, this brief blog gives a summary of the growth of email and iterates the need to utilize good Netiquette.

Email has proliferated at a rate few could have foreseen. One hundred forty-four billion (144,000,000,000) emails were sent daily, resulting in more than 52 trillion 560 billion emails in 2012 (Royal Pingdom Tech Blog, January 16, 2013), and the count is growing significantly each year. Despite all of the tools and capabilities technology has contributed to provide better content and communication, proper Netiquette and its requisites havedeclined as quickly as volume and technology have proliferated. Even more alarming is that a huge number of acronyms, abbreviations, and English (or native language) shortcuts are becoming standardized in even the most formal communications.

Websites, dictionaries, and lists that focus on these new terms are also growing and competing with traditional reference work websites. Seemingly, many users are more interested in learning new acronyms, terms, and phrases. With the lack of standards committees, words are spelled numerous ways, others take on new meaning or characteristics, and still others are alternately presented in upper- and lowercase. Even spell-checkers can be different in their spelling of certain words.

At best, the application of email slang does not help writing in traditional English with correct grammar, structure, or Netiquette. A single error in an email can ruin highly stylized content or a highly structured tone.  For all of these reason mentioned above, the need to maintain clarity, good content and proper Netiquette are essential as the quantity and dependency on email grows.


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