Friday, March 28, 2014

Jobseekers Dont' Miss It! - Netiquette IQ and Tabula Rosa New Radio Podcast

Gigamon's intelligent Traffic Visibility solutions, Netiquette essentials for job seekers and an interview with Frank Kovacs, founder of the Breakfast Club of New Jersey

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Each week we will highlight one of our products, share a Netiquette IQ Blog and direct you to our BlogTalkRadio program which airs on Saturday's at Noon, EST.

Tabula Rosa Systems (TRS) is dedicated to providing Best of Breed Technology and Best of Class Professional Services to our Clients.  TRS offers product design, implementation and support services on all products that we represent. Additionally, TRS provides expertise in Network AnalysiseBusiness, Application ProfilingePolicy and eBusiness Troubleshooting.

Visibility Fabric Architecture

An Innovative Approach
The Gigamon® Visibility Fabric™ architecture is an innovative solution that delivers pervasive and dynamic traffic visibility from across the physical and virtual network environments to centralized tools that manage, analyze and secure the network. This new approach can extend the network reach of the tools to significantly improve return on investment, allows IT organizations to more efficiently manage and secure their network, and provides a solution that can quickly evolve and scale as network needs change.

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Ten Netiquette essentials for job seekers 

  1.  Be mindful of core Netiquette and email etiquette practices.
  2. Keywords, keywords and more keywords.
  3. Note specific accomplishments rather than day to day tasks.
  4. Include links to positive on-line presence.
  5. Provide a section for additional accomplishments, not “references available.”
  6. Make use of all available tools for creating, editing and validating.
  7. Omit personal opinions.
  8. Eliminate overused phrases such as “Basic Objectives” or “Career Goals.”
  9. Embrace polite persistence and include processes for follow-up and maintain a consistent tone.
  10. Research the competition – how can you beat them?

Upcoming Events on
Saturdays at Noon (EST)

3/29 (Noon) EST
Frank Kovacs
The inspiration behind Your Career Is Calling radio program from Rider University and a Cloud Computing Senior Manager. Frank is the founder of The Breakfast Club of New Jersey, a group that promotes social networking, career growth and assists people in career or job transition.

4/5 (Noon) EST
John Genovese
A leading expert on cross-channel marketing communication for individuals who need responses to excel their professional brands, businesses and careers.

4/12 (Noon) EST
Dr. Mary Bold
Accreditation specialist and Chief Education Officer at  Accreditrust, a company that offers curation and validation services for digital credentials.
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