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Netiquette Tone - Netiquette IQ Blog Of 3/19/2016

        In today's world of email and cyber communications, many email users are emboldened with using poor grammar, non-traditional formatting and using Internet information as their own. Additionalyl, when some of the above condition occur, poor conveyance occurs.

The body of the below blog is taken from my books, referenced below. This will provide the the reader with a basic definition of defamation. For a more thorough understanding, the books are readily available via Amazon.

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What is tone in an email?

        Tone is the experience in a message that conveys or affects the respective author’s attitude toward the topic or recipient. In writing emails, how something is said and received is as critical as what is said. Physical interaction allows for body language, direct contact, and all  the personal factors that contribute to effective communication. More subtle actions, such as humor, mild sarcasm, lighthearted comments, and unusual vocabulary contribute to possible misunderstanding. For those recipients with whom communication has occurred, consistency and variation both contribute significantly to the subjective reception of an email reader.
        Proper Netiquette can have a greater effect upon how a user opens, reads, and reacts to a message. This is explained in chapter 2: how a subject-line description, salutation, overall layout, and signature can set a tone before any content is read. If a subject line contains text such as “YOU MUST READ!!!” the recipient might interpret this as anger or sensationalism. To repeat what was stated in chapter 2: lack of capitalization might be regarded as an insult to the reader. Similarly, the lack of a title in a salutation may also represent an insult. Caution should also be taken with stating or implying what someone “must” do, unless you have authority to do so.
        Tone is reflected in an appropriate salutation based upon specific relationships and situations. Omission of a salutation often starts the email off in a tone that is rarely positive.
  1. We cannot attend your dinner.


The Smiths

  1. Dear Sam,:

We cannot attend your dinner.


The Smiths

Similarly, the omission of a closing can affect the tone of an entire message.

  1. Dear Sam,:

We cannot attend your dinner.

The Smiths

  1. Dear Sam,:

We cannot attend your dinner.

The Smiths

In example B, with a single-word omission, regards, the tone might be interpreted as dismissive, disrespectful, or disinterested, especially since an explanation was not provided.

        A recipient can also perceive a negative tone when a sender changes specific attributes by dropping or changing a single sentence, word, or structure element.

 Dear Sam,:
  1. We will not be able to attend your dinner this weekend.

Thank you,


As much as we would like to see you, we will not be able to attend your dinner this weekend.



The first example here does not include any personalization. If this is intentional, clearly the sender is demonstrating a negative tone. This will, perhaps, result in an experience by the recipient that differs from what has normally been felt in previous communications. What has been evidenced so far in this segment is that even a single word can change the tone and perception of an email. So can a change of “typical” expected formats and routines. The differences in tone and perceived emotion can become more dramatically different with each change in vocabulary, structure, or sender tone.
 For a great satire on email, please see the following:
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