Sunday, May 19, 2013

Important email policies

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Mailbox maintenance is a form of proactive Netiquette. Since one of the major breaches of Netiquette is to have messages not responded to, here are some basic mailbox maintenance suggestions to reduce the risks of email loss, temporarily or permanently.

  1. Be thorough in reading messages and their threads.
  2. Deal with business email first, unless there are compelling reasons not to.
  3. If a full answer will take longer than usual to reply to because of a need to get more information, send a note to explain this.
  4. Maintain discipline and predictability in company or personal maintenance processes.
  5. Check junk mail regularly for mistakenly filtered mail. Notify the sender that some emails may have been lost. One may want to ask the sender if there are outstanding messages that have not been replied to.
  6. Keep all email lists up to date; delete old addresses.
     7.     Keep dictionaries up to date, and allow proper names to be entered.

     8.     Empty deleted and junk files regularly.

     9.  Back up on a regular basis.

    10.  Remove all references such as “Sent from my… (smartphone brand name).”
    11.  Provide off-hour schedules.

    12.  Notify forty -eight hours ahead of time when performing tasks that will slow down or shut down email services.

    13.  Keep security policies.

  14.Check all email at least twice a day2. Do not leave any message unread for defined period of time.

   15.  Mark or file critical messages that cannot be immediately replied to. If it     is urgent mail, place it in a calendar.

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