Friday, May 24, 2013

Top ten email/Internet censoring countries #mailiq

Every country has a censorship/screening policy for the Internet as stated on my post of 5/16/2013. More specifically, there are countries which are the worst. According to ONI these are the top ten. Without reading further, see if you can guess four or five of them. Many of them are obvious, some less so. Watch for a forthcoming post which will detail many countries for social filtering, Internet tools filtering, conflict/security filtering and political filtering. Because of the variation from country to country, one must always be sensitive to the fact that a single word, reference or attachment can adversely effect the intent of the email.

1.      Eritrea

2.      North Korea

3.      Syria

4.      Iran

5.      Equatorial Guinea

6.      Uzbekistan

7.      Burma

8.      Saudi Arabia

9.      Cuba

10. Belarus
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