Saturday, February 7, 2015

Netiquette IQ Blog Of The Day - Outlook Is Still The Best Email Product!

Outlook Is The Best Email Product?

For all of the current hype about email dying, being replaced or different vendors becoming the new standard, there are those, myself included, who think otherwise. As much as Outlook is bashed, it is still the choice for many, if not most, business communications.
The article below bears this out. So, my recommendation to those of you who are considering a change, I would say to you wait until the changes happen before you expend time and energy on this!
Devan Joseph from the 2/6/15
I never thought I'd be saying it, but Microsoft's Outlook is the best email app you can download right now.

I've tried a lot of email apps for my job, but what I love most about Outlook is that it manages to bring an uncompromising email experience into the modern age. There's hardly anything you can't do with Outlook, and yet this powerhouse of an email app still features a striking interface that's bristling with helpful features.

Most importantly, Outlook works seamlessly with Gmail, which is what most of the world uses. It also works with Exchange, iCloud, Yahoo Mail,, and Office 365, so most people can make the transition pretty painlessly.

All the most modern features are there: You can now swipe to archive, delete, or re-schedule an email to return to your inbox at a later time, and the app's built-in calendar makes sending your availability to people a cinch, and you don't have to hop between apps.
Outlook can also help you get rid of the clutter with its Focused tab, which triages your inbox so all your important emails go to one place. The rest of them go into the Other tab, which is still accessible from the main screen. I have the feature turned off since I inherently mistrust my phone making those decisions for me (I'm always afraid of missing an important email), but my editor Jay Yarow has used the feature and hasn't seen any important emails slip through the cracks.

Want to only see your unread emails? Outlook's Quick Filter button makes it easy to filter between flagged and unread emails, and you can also choose to only see emails with files attached. 
I've been using Outlook for a week now, which is usually when I begin to realize the limitations of other email apps like Google Inbox or Mailbox that are seeking to reinvent how we use email. Those email apps may indeed be the future, and Mailbox holds a special place in my heart for its sheer beauty and handiness for whittling away at your inbox — but for most users, it's too much too soon. 

Email is one of those areas where radical change to the experience can cause headaches, stress, or missed meetings, and Outlook wins out against its competitors because it's currently the perfect combination of new features and familiarity.

Apple's own Mail app is still the best integrated email app for iPhone users, but I found myself missing the extra features and depth to the email experience that Outlook brings to the table. Gmail is still stuck using the same bogged down actions to deal with individual emails, Hop and Inbox are too alien for many users, and Mailbox makes it tough to deal with a clogged-up inbox in one swoop — it's perfect if you check your email obsessively though.
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