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Netiquette IQ Blog Of 16/2015 - Job Seekers’ Complaints

Job Seekers’ Complaints

“People won’t have time for you if you are always angry or complaining.”
—Stephen Hawking

From time to time, most job seekers encounter situations where:
1.   They receive no response for a position where their qualifications meet or exceed the job description.
2.   After some initial contact and communication, the recruiter abruptly drops any interaction without any explanation.
3.   There have been both an interview and actions toward hiring with some time elements and deliverables. But, once again, communications are suddenly ended without explanation.
Any of these situations are frustrating and discouraging. Increasingly, as I have stated many times, corporate Netiquette is eroding. The principles of Netiquette for recruiters and hiring people seem to be two of the most obvious and egregious areas where this is occurring. The sheer volume of email and the lack of any real positive tone or connections in business email, certainly are two factors which contribute to this. There are a number of ways to try to overcome these situations while maintaining your own Netiquette. Here are some actions that you can take to learn more about the situation:
1.   Verify that your contact is still with the company and has the same position available.
2.   Verify the person has not gone on vacation or leave of absence.
3.   Seek an alternative contact, but be careful of doing this. Your point of contact might believe you are trying to go over or around them.

When you arrive at the point where all of your normal options are exhausted and an appropriate time frame has elapsed, you must decide whether you will:
1.   Abandon pursuing the particular opportunity but continue to follow up with the person who interviewed you.
2.   Cease any pursuit of the opportunity altogether.
3.   Escalate the situation by bringing it to the attention of human resources or the manager.
4.   Issue a polite complaint.
As previously stated, in today’s highly competitive employment environment, the prospects of issuing a complaint have a number of risks. For example, as stated earlier, the recruiter may be offended and refuse future interaction. Additionally, the hiring manager or human resources department might not appreciate or wish to deal with a potentially disruptive source. Therefore, escalations should be carefully thought out on a case-by-case basis.
        Consider some of the following factors: Is the company large enough that another opportunity may likely arise? Was your application based on a referral? You certainly do not want to risk having this contact ruined.
        You should take into account all of the reasons you are thinking of escalating the situation and ask yourself if they’re legitimate. Was your motivation for thinking you were the first- or second-choice candidate based on your own reasoning, or was there some dialogue with the recruiter or hiring manager to compel you to believe this? Were you promised something that was not delivered upon? Has something promised in the process changed? All of these are good reasons to escalate the situation. If the reasons not to escalate do not equal or surpass these, it is good Netiquette to proceed.
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