Tuesday, December 4, 2012

"Make everything as simple as possible but  not  simpler."

- Albert Einstein

            The purpose of an email is to communicate information of some kind whether the content is positive or negative, casual or informal. Providing content in an effective manner is essential to insure that the original intent is met.  In order to fulfill this objective, basic content must be clear as possible.

        Many items contribute to clarity and successful communication.  Among these are appearance, grammar, vocabulary, structure and choice of words.  One spelling error can change the entire tone or perception of a message.  Similarly the visual presentation or order of facts can contribute to having a document marginally read or ignored. 

        Writing begins with fonts (text styles), spacing,  paragraph structure and essentially anything that makes up the view of an email.  Fonts should be chosen with legibility being the key consideration.  Type size should be appropriate to accommodate normal screens and not stylized so as to  distract the recipient(s).