Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Netiquette rules and time frames for replying to emails

Today's blog speaks to some basic Netiquette rules for replying to messages. Subsequest blogs will go into more detail.

Simple reply
Replies should be in complete sentences and, when answering a question, making sure it is a clear continuation.  This is particularly necessary when a reply takes longer than half a day.
General email reply rules
1)   “Down-editing” replying - point by point within the text. It is best to change the font or font attribute to distinguish the answer from the question.
2)   “Top-posting” replying – On top of the email one is replying to. One should make sure superfluous information is removed.
3)   Replying to multiple repeated requests – do not let rudeness affect your replies.
4)   It is correctto reply in the proper order and context.
5)   Replying with single words or incomplete sentences is not proper Netiquette.
Replying to multiple people or a group
Care must be taken when a reply requires two distinct answers.  The best way to approach addressing multiple recipients is to define the content of the email.  An example would be:
Dear John and Joe,
      Thank you for the information.  I will address both of your respective concerns in two separate paragraphs which follow . . .”
Another way to reply to multiple emails

Time to Reply
1 – 24 Hours
1-3 Days
Anytime within reason
When Unsolicited
As necessary
When marked urgent
As quickly as possible or within  requested time
Employment or money matters
As quickly as possible
As quickly as possible
As quickly as possible
Auto reply
1 – 24 Hours
1 – 24 Hours
1 – 24 Hours
1 – 24 Hours

 The answer to the last post's quiz...

The term email was first coined in which year:

1.) 1976

2.) 1979

3.) 1982 is the correct answer

4.) 1985

5.) 1989

Today's quiz/fact is


What is the world's most popular password?

1.) guest

2.) user

3. 123456

4.) letmein

5.) qwerty

Please check with the next blog for the correct answer.