Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Most people do not write effective emails...


How many emails are bad?

        With the billions of emails being sent every day, 88 to 92 percent of these are abusive (Message Anti-Abuse Working Group, MAAWG). Of those remaining, 50 percent are misunderstood by the recipient even though 90 percent of the users believe they are sending clear, properly interpreted communications (Nicholas Epley and Justin Kruger). So less than 5 percent of all messages deliver the bare essentials of any accurate content. Combined with the probability that another 50 percent of these contain bad Netiquette and/or multiple mistakes, the final number of “bad” emails approaches 98 percent. If a sender places themselves into this 2 4 percent tier of well-executed correspondences, their productivity, success, and even prestige will be effectively increased. As email continues to proliferate, the need to present well-executed messages will become even more essential.
        The trend by many email/text senders has become one where, instead of looking to improve grammar, lucidity, or proper tone, the writer seeks ways to be “fashionably” incorrect. This process of chic incorrectness  implies that the sender may know how to write a message properly, but, in fact, he or she is regressing into permanent habits with counterproductive results.

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