Monday, May 13, 2013

Auto-reply messages . . . some very useful information

Auto-reply messages

          Auto-reply as a tool has benefits, particularly for business, that are extremely useful. When a sender has a pressing need to reach a person or service and has no reply after a significant amount of time, this can lead to a number of different negative results. First, the sender may view the recipient as indifferent, indecisive, or incompetent. The long-term result might be negative in many other varied respects, such as financial loss, lack of confidence, or permanent loss of communication. Properly utilizing auto- reply can significantly eliminate most of the items stated above. When providing alternate sources of communication or contact, the creator of the auto-reply message must ensure that these sources are fully prepared to field any request and not ignore the potential person who will attempt to make contact.

When not to invoke auto-reply


  1. With short absence from email access
  2. When other resources are monitoring the recipient’s email
  3. If the email account is for casual use only
  4. If messages can be monitored and addressed in a normal fashion
  5. When an absence might invoke a negative connotation
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