Thursday, September 12, 2013

NetiquetteIQ Vision and Products Statement

Netiquette IQ - who we are and where we are going
On behalf of my company, I wanted to thank the thousands of visitors from over 60 countries who have honored this blog and our website during the last nine months. We wanted to show all of you and our future visitors users our vision and direction. Please see the statement below:

Netiquette IQ was founded by Paul Babicki and Serkan Gecmen not just as a single book or email proficiency test, rather Netiquette IQ was begun with the intention of growing into an interrelated suite of tools and services focused on promoting the skills of email users.  Our profound intention and hope is that in providing these items, a greater state of communication, presentation skills and benefits will result in a benefit to users everywhere.  Products now available or under development are:

Netiquette IQ Book:         NetiquetteIQ: A Comprehensive Guide to Improve, Enhance and Add Power to Your Email by Paul Babicki - publish release date is 10/1/2013

Netiquette IQ Website:

Netiquette IQ Blog:

Netiquette IQ Radio:

Netiquette IQ Test:         Coming early 2014 on our website

Netiquette IQ Education: Coming  4th quarter 2013

Netiquette IQ elibrary:     Starting in 4th quarter 2013