Sunday, September 22, 2013

Strive for compliments when you send emails

"Your emails have always been easy to understand and well written. So I can notice that you know how to write a good email message.

One of my email recipients from Finland recently responded to an email I sent him, with the above response to one of my emails. As a book author ( on Netiquette) and a prolific email sender, I felt great having received this message. Although, you can hardly expect getting many of these, it should always be a goal to receive a compliment from time to time. It should also always be a goal not to receive any negative ones! There are many items within my blogs on Netiquette dealing with email particulars. Notwithstanding, here are some topics which one should pay special attention to in strive to have your messages highly regarded:

Pay attention to detail
Reread your message with the perspective of how you would want it to be seen
Be upbeat and enthusiastic
If explaining something, verify the clarity of your answers
Allow for more detail when sending overseas or to strangers
Never assume your recipient has knowledge of your topics

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