Sunday, March 23, 2014

Netiquette - A Full Definition - Via Netiquette IQ

Netiquette has become a very well-known word and most people have an understanding of its meaning. After writing my book and having this blog as well as participating in many more activities regarding email, I thought it might be appropriate to expand the definition a bit. Here is a good classic definition from

net-i-quette, [net-: -i: -kit, - ket], noun the rules of etiquette when communicating over networks, especially the Internet; origin: 1980 - 1985, blend of network, etiquette.

Many other reference works define the word similarly.

It is my assertion that Netiquette deserves a fuller and richer definition, at least in spirit, which extends beyond this basic portmanteau. Part of of the core principals of Netiquette go back, at least, as far as the ancient Greeks and their development of logic and ethics.

Other essential origins of Netiquette go back to ancient times in Chinese, Egyptian and Mideastern cultures as well.

Perhaps Netiquette should be thought about and practiced as a means of bringing better communications and understanding to all of us so that better conditions result for the global community. It can be a powerful tool for all!