Saturday, April 19, 2014

Netiquette Anatomy of a Job Seeker's Email - From Initial Contact to Hiring!

Good job hunting depends significantly on good Netiquette. Here is an example of what will happen more often when you follow good Netiquette.

Anatomy of a Job Seeker’s Great Email

During the first 2-8 seconds a reader decides if they have an interest.  They look at/for:
1.         Page layout
2.         Key words
3.         Salutation
4.         Qualifications
5.         Signature
The next 20-55 seconds – You Passed! Now what?  The recruiter/hiring manager looks for:
1.         Special qualifications
2.         Tone/politeness
3.         Readability
4.         Believability
5.         Clarity
You passed again! You are now in the elite percentage of email users! Your attachment is opened.
1.         Does your content match your email description?
2.         Do you have easy means to contact you electronically?
Based upon the matrix below, it is time to follow up.  If contact is made and the correspondence begun, made sure you follow up with good Netiquette!  If interviews are scheduled, make sure your emails are dutifully sent following all of the best Netiquette principles.
 Persistence matrix for emails

Initial Email
1 Week +
2-5 Days
4-5 Days
24 Hours
When previously Answered
1-2 Days
1-3 Days
1-5 Days
24 Hours
1-3 Days after expected return
1-3 Days after expected return
1-3 Days after expected return
1-2 Days after expected return
Interview      Thank You
Interview Follow-Up When Not Replied To
1-2 Days after expected contact
1-2 Days after expected contact
1-2 Days after expected contact
1-2 Days after expected contact
 The Moment of Decision
Hopefully by now, congratulations are in order!  Either way, follow up appropriately with good email Netiquette in the times and manner discussed above.
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