Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Don't Send That Email Yet! A Netiquette IQ Checklist

The following post is from my upcoming book for Netiquette rules for job seekers. Check back here regularly for a publication date!

The Netiquette IQ Quick Reference
1.       Are you sending email message to the correct person?  Be careful with similar names, initials and old email addresses.
2.       Do you have an attachment to send?  Does it have a proper, unique name/description?
3.       Have you tested the attachment to verify it is the correct one?
4.       Are all cc:  addresses appropriate?  Is anyone inadvertently excluded? Or Included?
5.       Is your subject field accurate in terms of the email content?  If your email is part of a thread, have you deleted unnecessary segments?  Typically only the last two threads should be included.
6.       If the email is part of an extended exchange of email messages, revise the subject field to reflect the most current message.
7.       Do you have a proper salutation?  Is the person’s name spelled correctly?  Remember, mistakes in this area are rarely forgiven.
8.       Is your page layout crisp and readable?
9.       Have you used a san serif font?
10.    Make sure you read the email keeping in mind complete sentences and tone. If it is a particularly important message, take the time to read it aloud and edit appropriately.
11.    Does your signature have all needed contact information and links?
12.    Have you verified all links and confirmed they work?
13.    Is your closing signature in keeping with your level of familiarity?
14.    Is your signature block complete and without frills?
15.    Have you run spell and grammar checkers?
16.    Is your email being sent in anger as a complaint or a criticism?  If so, have you waited a reasonable amount of time?  Is it still appropriate to send?
17.    Do you want to mark your email as a priority?  Is this necessary?
18.    Have you asked for a confirmation?  Is one deemed necessary?
19.    If forwarding an email, do you have consent to do so?
20.    Last question – Is my email truly necessary?
21.    Are you sending this email in anger or frustration?
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