Monday, December 29, 2014

Netiquette For Facebook - Via Netiquette IQ

Facebook is the most popular social media website. No user should comprise their Netiquette when using it. I point this out also in my book noted below and my next one, regarding Netiquette for job seekers. The article below is very solid and should be read!

Facebook Netiquette

This is a practical guide for Facebook Netiquette from Minh Tan[1].  You can use these ideas to customize your Facebook Netiquette.  As you read it, check off what you agree with, note where and how you want to differ, then create your Facebook Netiquette by writing or typing out all the new guidelines to help you remember them.  Put it somewhere easily accessible and/or visible to you for easy reference as you Facebook. 

Avoid negativity, especially with feelings and anything about other people
No swearing, even if positively and abbreviated like LMFAO (or not excessively if you do)
Learn to say NO to invitations (Friends, Applications, Groups, certain events not good to publicize)
Set your profile to only Friends privacy, limiting access
Only have Friends you’ve met in person, and purge  your list a few times a year as friendships fade
Do not list personal contact information (address, phone number
Don’t update your status more than a few times a day, avoiding statuses directed at one or a few people
Defend your Wall by deleting inappropriate comments or counter with reply if you don’t want to delete
Keep tagged photos of yourself under 200, un-tag the less flattering and inappropriate ones
Minimize tagging to let people tag themselves in photos, and don’t tag anyone in unflattering ways
Use Notes to share something genuine, avoiding personal attacks, “self-surveys” and diatribes
Be selective with your comments, expecting it to be public and when you comment use proper Netiquette
Control privacy setting each time you post something, sharing only with Friends
Minimize Notifications sent, turning off for applications when adding
Minimize Applications, especially inappropriate ones, games that waste time, or ones with few users
Check details of Groups and Fan Pages before you join, especially for authenticity (i.e., authorized pages)
Go through your profile and make adjustments to make your profile suit your Netiquette rules, bit by bit
Occasionally, ask someone for an honest impression they get from your profile
If you do “inappropriate” things on Facebook, come back and delete it later to minimize visibility and damage
Purge things a few times a year (e.g., bad or outdated photos, Friends, Groups, Fan Pages, Notes, comments)
Don’t get caught up in other people’s inappropriate behavior, stick to your Netiquette and update it as needed
Treat your Facebook profile and activity like an informal résumé or media image of yourself, because it is!

[1] Min Tan, “Facebook Netiquette,”
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