Monday, February 16, 2015

Netiquette IQ Blog Of The Day - The Simplest Combination Of Programs For Email Encryption. A Great Read!

Email privacy is a very hot topic in today's Internet community. Although the some may wish to use encryption for unsavory purposes, the vast majority of netizens have legitimate messages and data they wish to protect. This article below offers all basic users an opportunity to understand and deploy encryption for legitimate purposes.
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Step 1: The Programs Needed

This is the simplest combination of programs for encryption.

You will need windows, a Firefox browser and a Gmail account as well as GPG4Win and FireGPG.

GPG4Win does the encryption on a windows machine.
FireGPG adds encryption functionality in Gmail.
Step 2: How Encryption Works
Encryption is really very simple, but many people try to make it sound complicated.

Every person have a pair of keys.

Each key is a number that fits in an equation.

One key is shared with everyone, and is called the "public key".

One key is private and you hide it on your computer or on your flash disk and this is called a "private key".

The e-mail cannot be opened without using both keys.

The person sending you an encrypt e-mail must know your public key in order to encrypt it. The e-mail cannot be opened except with your private key which you only have.
Step 3: Sending Encrypted e-mail
If Bond wants to send Q an encrypted message he needs Q's public key.

There are three ways for Bond to get Q's public key:

1. Q can give his public key to Bond physically, like, say, on a flash disk or some other physical media. This the safest most secure method of communication. Because anybody that tries to decrypt need to know the two keys.

2. Q can e-mail his public key to bond. This is slightly less secure.

3.Q can post his public key on a server, like a keyserver or his website or even Instructables. Now one key is known to the public but the other key is unkown. This exactly half as secure as method 1.

I will post Q's public key here. It also available on the keyserver

Q's e-mail is

You can send me encrypted messages as practice.
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