Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Netiquette IQ Blog Of 4/28/15 The 65 Of The Most Irritating Words and Phrases For Email


The 65 most irritating phrases:

1.     At the end of the day
34. Should of
2.     Quite frankly
35. At the risk of being repetitive
3.     I personally
36. KISS (Keep it simple, stupid)
4.     At this moment in time
37. Hit (visit)
5.     With all due respect
38. Distro (Distribution list)
6.     Absolutely
39. Bang for the buck
7.     It’s a nightmare
40. Viral
8.     Shouldn’t of
41 That type of thing
9.     24/7
42. Epic fail
10.   It’s not rocket science
43. I’m just saying
11.   Very unique
44. Chat
12.   It’s not brain surgery (related to number 10)
45. No brainer
13.   Perfect (related to number 6)
46. Slam dunk
14.   No problem
47. You betcha
15.   For sure
48. Seriously
16.   FYI
49. To make a long story short
17.   ASAP
50. To be perfectly honest
18.   To tell the truth
51. Truth of the matter
19.   You have caught me away
52. I am sure you will agree
20.   No way
53. Take it to the next level
21.   Out of the box
54. The thing is
22.   Ergonomically
55. As it were
23.   My bad
56. And so forth
24.   Not to worry
57. Mark my words
25.   No worries
58. Bring it on
26.   In my humble opinion
59. Works for me
27.   Dude!
60. You know
28.   Swell
61. I am not going to lie
29.   Right on!
62. For all intents and purposes
30.   Yeah
63. Team player
31.   Pursuant
64. Quick learner
32.   As per our discussion
65. Cutting to the Chase
33.   Totally
Have you ever wondered how it would be if your email suddenly came to life? You are about to find out.
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