Monday, April 6, 2015

Netiquette IQ Blog Of The Day - A Wonderful Satire Of Font Related "Diseases"

 Many people feel fonts are pretty similar for the most part and often do not know the name of their default email typeface. I have argued a number of times quite strongly that fonts make a huge difference in electronic communications and can have a significant impact in business and personal email. Below is a very clever argument that they do matter. Please note that this post is a clever joke . . . or is it?
" Common Typographic Diseases” by Ellen Lupton (1963-)
Various forms of dysfunction appear among populations exposed to
typography for long periods of time. Listed here are a number of
frequently observed afflictions :

An excessive attachment to and fascination with the shape of letters,
often to the exclusion of other interests and object choices.
Typophiliacs usually die penniless and alone.

The irrational dislike of letterforms, often marked by a preference
for icons, dingbats, and—in fatal cases—bullets and daggers.
The fears of the typophobe can often be quieted (but not cured)
by steady doses of Helvetica and Times Roman.

A persistent anxiety that one has selected the wrong typeface.
This condition is often paired with okd (optical kerning disorder),
the need to constantly adjust and readjust the spaces between letters.

The promiscuous refusal to make a lifelong commitment to a single
typeface—or even to five or six, as some doctors recommend.
The typothermiac is constantly tempted to test drive "hot" new fonts,
often without a proper license. "
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