Thursday, August 6, 2015

Netiquette for email – the fastest social and demographic equalizer - via Netiquette IQ


Netiquette for email – the fastest social and demographic equalizer

          The following document is a summary of items that educational institutions, professional organizations and legislators can institute to benefit those they service and represent.  This compilation is intended to have those in positions of authority to assist Netiquette IQ in implementing their products and services.  Society is undergoing a rapidly increasing wealth gap.  Furthermore, the educational system in the United States is falling behind globally, currently ranked 17th.  To make matters even worse, the recent government sequester and legislatures have contributed to state and local funding being significantly reduced, resulting in higher teacher to student ratios.  The demographic areas most negatively impacted include:

1.    Minorities

2.    Immigrants

3.    Those with lesser education

4.    Unemployed

5.    Underemployed

6.    Those with no familiarly of Netiquette

7.    Younger users who primarily text or tweet

8.    Inner cities.

There is no area today that can bring about a quicker parity realization for minorities and the disadvantaged with majority middle and upper class groups than proper email communications. 

Public speaking and self-improvement pioneer, Dale Carnegie said, we are judged by four things:

1)    What we do

2)    What we say

3)    How we look

4)    How we say it

Additionally, research studies contend that: 

·         Up to 85%  of one’s success is due to how they present themselves

·         Only 15%  of a person’s training is usually related to achieving long term goals

A simple course in Netiquette comprising one semester or trimester of study can bring a person low in email Netiquette skills to a significantly higher and considerably more competitive level of capability. Unfortunately, the tools necessary for this education are virtually non-existent.  Netiquette IQ looks to change the landscape of this and deliver quality tools to thoroughly and rapidly educate any email user from any demographic so that the result will be an improved and empowered email sender who will have a more equal playing field with all other users.  So of the four aspects of Dale Carnegie’s axiom, the three that can be conveyed in an email, what we do, what we say and how we say it, will be addressed.

Allowing minorities and underprivileged children to foster and maintain poor Netiquette and email ethics is detrimental to their long term successes much as junk food and soft drinks are detrimental to their long term health.  Not giving children and young adults Netiquette is a form of educational suppression.  As stated earlier, the USA currently ranks 17th in the world in terms of education.  Many of these countries, including Finland (#1) and South Korea (#2), have substantial Netiquette programs as part of their respective curriculum.  This puts our children and young adults, particularly minorities, even further behind in opportunities to advance.  As with many aspects of education, many disciplines are far more difficult to learn or adjust to once a person leaves school and goes past their formative years.

Senior Citizens are also a Netiquette minority

Senior citizens, many of them new to email use, often are far less familiar with how email works and they are at a disadvantage with low Netiquette skills, even though their basic writing skills are above average. Their skills can be greatly improved with, most often, fewer improvement resources than other demographic groups.

To conclude, implementing Netiquette improvement tools, programs and resources will have both significant short and long term effects.  The former will be increased communications skills and more empowerment for all users to realize their potential.  Long term benefits will be many including an improvement in the world educational ranking, bringing the global community close together and utilizing all of the technology advancements to help all in a highly constructive rather than a destructive manner.  
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