Friday, December 22, 2017

Netiquette IQ Newsletter For 12/2017 - Ecards


Netiquette IQ

A Comprehensive Guide to Improve, Enhance and Add Power to Your Email

The following overview on e-cards is from my book Netiquette IQ. With the holiday season in full swing, many will send holiday wishes via email. Just as with any other electronic communication, Netiquette plays and should play a significant role in how we send e-cards as well as their content.

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Email has rapidly fostered a growing trend to replace special-occasion communications with electronic ones. e-cards are now available for all holidays, personal milestones, social events, and public announcements. Just as with any personal communication, a significant part of content is diluted or removed when email is involved. As described in other chapters, body language, tone, and parts of interpersonal contact are eliminated or experienced differently. 
Proper Netiquette for e-cards should be practiced and maintained with the same standards of vigilance and discipline to ensure that the desired result of the communication is maximized. Whereby much direct contact, mail, or letters can be replaced by email to some extent, there is a further diminishing value when e-cards or their variants are used. 
Forms of e-cards are available as readily as paper cards in the display racks of stationary stores. These can, for the most part, be serious, humorous, or witty, as the following list shows:
- Promotion
- Retirement by employer
- Firing

- All levels

- New Employee
- Tributes
- Promotions


- Notifications

Major Losses
- Relatives
- Marriage
- Work

- Baptism
- All Denominations

- Valentine
- Halloween
- St Patricks Day
- All Nationalities

- Invitations
- Cyber Parties

Mothers /Fathers Day

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