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Netiquette IQ Blpg Of 1/7/17 Hard to Pronounce Words


Hard to Pronounce Words You're Probably Getting Wrong

Updated January 04,

We all know the embarrassing feeling of discovering we've mispronounced a word for years. On the other hand, some words are so commonly mispronounced that the "correct" pronunciation sounds downright strange.
Don't feel bad if you've been mispronouncing some of these tricky words. A living language like English evolves and thrives precisely because it is spoken every day. Some choose to adhere to rigid rules (known as linguistic prescription) of grammar and pronunciation, and take pleasure the precision of English grammar and vocabulary. Others prefer the descriptive linguistics approach, which doesn't apply judgments like correct or incorrect, but instead looks at how language is actually used. 
In other words, as long as people can understand you, you are successfully using language for its primary purpose: communication.
How to say it: ak-SEED
May be mispronounced: a-SEED
What it means: to consent, give approval; yield to another’s wishes
How to say it: AY-lee-iss
What it means: an assumed name taken on temporarily, sometimes by a criminal or fugitive

How to say it: uh-NATH-uh-muh
What it means: someone or something that one strongly dislikes or loathes
How to say it: uh NEH muh nee
What it means: a flower in the buttercup family; a sedentary marine animal, as in sea anemone
How to say it: uh-POK-ruh-fuhl
What it means: of questionable authenticity, as in a story or statement
How to say it: kah-muh-RAH-duh-ree
May be mispronounced: kahm-RAH-duh-ree
What it means: easy familiarity and friendship, often built over time 
How to say it: kuh-loh-kwee-uh-liz-uhm
What it means: a word, phrase, or expression that is conversational rather than formal
How to say it: dih-BAWCH
What it means: to lead away from virtue; to corrupt morally 
How to say it: DEM-uh-gog
What it means: a leader who appeals to popular passions and prejudices to gain support
How to say it: ih-MOL-yuhnt
What it means: making smoother or less harsh; a substance with a soothing effect on the skin
How to say it: ih-PIT-uh-mee
May be mispronounced: eh-pi-TOME
What it means: a person or thing that characterizes a whole category to which it belongs
How to say it: ih-SPOWZ
May be mispronounced: ex-POWZ
What it means: to follow or support an idea or theory as a cause 
How to say it: eh-SPRES-oh
May be mispronounced: ex-PRESS-oh
What it means: a strong coffee of Italian origin, made by forcing hot water through coffee beans  
How to say it: FACH-oo-uss
May be mispronounced: FAT-choo-uss
What it means: foolish, inane; devoid of intelligence 
How to say it: Fort
May be mispronounced: for-TAY
What it means: a strong point or a strength
How to say it: gran-DILL-uh-kwuhnt
What it means: extravagant, lofty, or bombastic in style or manner, especially language 
of 40
How to say it: hih-JEH-muh-nee
May be mispronounced: hedge-ih-MOAN-ee or homo-JENNY
What it means: authority, leadership, or influence by a dominant social group
How to say it: in-KOH-it
What it means: only partly in existence; partially formed, as in an idea
How to say it: nel
May be mispronounced: knel (with the k)
What it means: the sound of a bell rung slowly to announce death or a funeral
How to say it: meyl-struhm
What it means: a violent whirlpool 

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