Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Words for email senders to avoid (torpedoes) - part two

Our last blog listed ten words which can destroy a sender's credibility, even to point of preventing an email or future email from being read. We call these words "torpedoes". This can be devastating if the email has a critical message or important attachment. Here is the list of the second top ten of words to keep out of messages whenever possible. They are followed by a comment on how these might be bad Netiquette and how the reader or recipient might view them.

  1. Bring it on - arrogant
  2. With all due respect - condescending
  3. Works for me - trite and clichéd
  4. You know - weak
  5. I am not going to lie (to you) - implies lack of truth
  6. And so forth... - a crutch
  7. All intents and purposes, worse yet "all intends and purposes" -  clichéd and a crutch
  8. Results oriented - weak and overused
  9. Transferrable skills - implies a lack of capabilities
  10. Job duties far exceeded... - an overgeneralization
All of these should be watched. When our product NetiquetteIQ is released, these types of words or phrases will be automatically flagged.

Coming up on our next blog will be the final installment of  torpedo words.