Monday, January 14, 2013

Words or phrases which can torpedo one's email or attachments

 When authoring  an email, the writer depends on many items to assure that their intended content is clear, factual and easily understood. If the email recipient is not someone the sender knows, then tone and accuracy are essential to insure the both the message and any attachments are read. Often, a poorly written email will preclude the reader opening any attachment or even future messages from the sender.

The consequences such a scenario can bring include resumes, contracts, proposals, invoices or any of a number of important documents not even being read. The following  represent potential "torpedo" words or short phrases which can change the entire content of a message.

  1. Truth of the matter
  2. Quite frankly
  3. Take it the next level
  4. The thing is
  5. As it were
  6. At the end of the day
  7. And so forth
  8. To be perfectly honest
  9. With all due respect
  10. Mark my words
As trite as these are, there are a number which can be even worse. Our next blog will list these.