Friday, February 15, 2013

Corporate Netiquette policies

Business Netiquette is best served by having a well defined process of guidelines for the specific company's email. There should also be a means of monitoring, changing and reviewing the entire process on a regular basis. The following are items which should be included. Details on these will be included in future blogs. Any comments are welcome.

Plan - Outline a set of internal and external epolicy items and actions.  These may be two separate policy engines.

Educate - Provide guides and written statement to employers clearly defining the rules and process of the company's epolicy and Netiquette.

Test - Find a suitable method of testing and validating the policies set forth.

Implement - Place the epolicy into effect making sure the appropriate personnel are notified.

Monitor - Keep track of the before and after effects of the epolicy.  This will best be accomplished using third party tools.

Reports - Provide reporting of key information in a format to key managers and relevant employees.  This should be done on a regular basis.

Optimize - Determine where areas exist which can be improved upon.  Incorporated third party best practices of any required or mandated laws and regulations.

Review - Consistent reviews should be made for all epolicies.  Plans should be made to determine intevals and considerations for this part of the process.

Revise - Once any part of the process is deemed necessary to change or if new parts of it are found to be needed, the appropriate process should be cycled through again.

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