Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Some common templates to use when sending proper Netiquette emails


Sending templates
        Just as with replying to emails with personalized templates, templates for sending can be proper Netiquette, although not ideal. Their use is highly preferred to a mail-and-merge whenever at all possible. These messages are best for general mail where a recipient is not well known, or likely may not be contacted again. Some examples of these are;

1)   Thank-you for meeting, orders, interviews, and so on;
2)   Company hire
3)   Survey or opinion;
4)   Reminder;
5)   Retirement/promotion/award;
6)   Seasonal event;
7)     Meeting schedule;
8)     Rejection of a bid, offer or job request;
9)     Company announcement; or
10)   Referral of a colleague or group.

 Any comments or additions here are appreciated.