Saturday, June 29, 2013

Evites - the new way to send invtiations


Requests or invitations have rapidly proliferated from USPS mail to email. Netiquette is very important in sending or replying to invitations, just as “proper” traditional invitations and RSVPs were elaborately outlined and detailed by Emily Post and others. Most people enjoy having an engraved invitation, published on fine paper with very fancy typefaces, often in a cursive mode. Many of these include their own envelopes, helping the recipient comply with etiquette by replying rather than ignoring the invitation. With the above considerations in mind, it is logical to assume that a well Netiquette-structured email invitation or evite will be appreciated, probably expected. Anything less than a message that is well constructed might serve a disappointment to the invitee. It is usually best to include one or even two attachments. The first would be a printed invitation, and the second would be a response form with the requisite particulars. The focus of this section has been on those invitations that are more socially oriented. There are more types of invitations that will be blogged about and addressed in detail later in future blogs. Among these types are meetings, educational sessions, and online presentations.

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