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Sending templates

Sending templates

        Just as replying to emails with personalized templates, email templates for sending can be proper Netiquette although not ideal. Their use is highly preferred to an email-and-merge whenever possible. Templates are often thought of as form letters for large emails, particularly in marketing or sales campaigns. However, maintaining Netiquette in this type of situation is far different from instances where there is at least some type of real relationship or connection. 

        There are many senders who recycle previously sent messages on a single, case by case basis. Often these will be personalized with some small change to an item such as a reference to a conversation, specific interest of the recipient or a change of status, such as a price or condition.

        Be careful when doing this. Make sure the previous name and any personalized reference is deleted, otherwise, it may be embarrassing  such as if the name in a salutation is not changed. 

        These messages are best for general email where a recipient is not well known or likely may not be contacted again. Some examples of these are:

1)   Thank-you for meeting, orders, interviews, and so on
2)   Company hire
3)   Survey or opinion
4)   Reminder
5)   Retirement/promotion/award
6)   Seasonal event
7)   Meeting schedule
8)     Rejection of a bid, offer, or job request
9)     Company announcement
10)   Referral of a colleague or group.

        Once again, it should be stressed that the best Netiquette for email is personalized as much as possible to maximize positive tone, ensure best results, and build or preserve positive relationships.


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