Sunday, June 16, 2013

NetiquetteIQ radio interview

Today, the author of this blog and the book, NetiquetteIQ, and his partner Serkan Gecmen, developer the NetiquetteIQ test, were interviewed on WRRC 107.7 FM at Rider University. The interview covered a wide range of topics regarding NetiquetteIQ, my forthcoming book and our software test. The session is an excellent way to learn how all of the NetiquetteIQ components compliment each other. The interview can be heard at the following link:

The interview was conducted by Frank Kovacs and Wanda Ellett. Stuart Kovacs provided us with his technical skills. We wish to thank Frank, Wanda and Rider for not only allowing us the opportunity to speak to their weekly program's audience, but also for their graciousness in making us feel at home. You can learn more about the show, which is dedicated to assisting people with the careers, at:


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We will be publishing a book on Netiquette shortly entitled "NetiquetteIQ - A Comprehensive Guide to Improve, Enhance and Add Power to Your Email". Also there will be an email "IQ" test on our website:

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Paul Babicki
+Serkan Gecmen
"Good Netiquette Writing!"