Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Partial listing of dangerous emails


As the use of email has exponentially grown, the amount of dangerous emails has kept pace. Although most email users have learned how to be more discerning in recognizing many of them, the hazardous emails have also grown in sophistication. Additionally new or younger email users still need to be well educated and informed. Companies also should have well defined policies to assist and keep employees and guests from opening or responding to any potentially damaging message. The following categories represent common themes for email spammers and should be ignored:

Virus Email Hoaxes
Giveaway Email Hoaxes
Charity Hoaxes
Bogus Warnings
Email Petitions and Protests
Email Chain Letters
Celebrity Email Hoaxes
Prank Emails
Bad Advice Emails
Funny Email Hoaxes
Unsubstantiated Emails
Missing Child Email Hoaxes
Phishing Scams
Nigerian Scams
Payment Transfer Job Scams
Email Lottery Scams
Pharming Scams
Internet Dating Scams
Computer Security
Virus Information
Email Security
Spam Control

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