Monday, July 29, 2013

Types of business Email

Business Email

- None of the different email categories have more of a need to employ Netiquette than business related emails. Basically, virtually all categories of Netiquette are important within the business email.  The composition and distribution of business emails requires full attention and care.  This is due in part to the fact that no category of email, other than solicitation or junk mail, is typically as distanced interpersonally as this category is.

         Any item related to a business email can have a profound or immediate effect in the business correspondence.  This can be something such as the capitalization of a word, a punctuation mark, the salutation and so forth.

         Personal, casual or even generic emails present far more tolerance to Netiquette mistakes. For example, an email sent to a relative which does not capitalize their name will rarely be taken badly but a similar error in a message sent to a stranger in a business context might easily be noticed and reacted to negatively.  There is a great deal of detail involved with business communications.  My soon to be published book, "NetiquetteIQ - A Comprehensive Guide to Improve, Enhance and Add Power to Your Email" will be published by the end of August. It addresses in detail many aspects of business email. Some of these will be presented in future blog postings.  The specifics will be characteristics of these categories:

1.       Business to business

2.       Business to customer

3.       Marketing

4.       Invitations

5.       Business introductions

6.       Cover - resumes

7.       Cover - other attachments

8.       Newsletters

9.       Complaints

10.        Employment - offer/acceptance/decline

11.        Scheduling

12.        Memorandum of understanding

13.        Cover - proposal

14.        Reference

15.        Billing - reminders/invoices/other notifications

16.        Promotion

17.        Letter of credit

18.        Acknowledgement of receipt

19.        Non-disclosure

20.        Thank you


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