Saturday, April 12, 2014

Netiquette - Effective Email Use For a Job Search - A presentation GIven BY Paul Babicki

Paul Babicki explains how to use email effectively in a job search

By Rita Williams

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Whether you’re new to the job market or a seasoned veteran, you probably already know that a tremendous amount of your job search takes place over e-mail. Gone are the days when you had to send your paper cover letters and résumés to future employers via a post office.
Now, job seekers send nearly all their correspondence via e-mail, including thank you notes, portfolios, follow-up questions to recruiters – the list goes on and on.
If you want to learn how to use e-mail effectively in your job search, then you may want to attend PSGCNJ’s general meeting on Monday, February 17th, where Paul Babicki will discuss his book Netiquette IQ: A Comprehensive Guide to Improve, Enhance, and Add Power to Your E-Mail.
Referencing his book, which covers all facets of email communication, Babicki will explain:
  • how to write well and avoid using clichés
  • how to shape an eye-catching subject line in an email
  • what the email time-stamp tells others about your personality, i.e., whether you are  a night owl, versus an early riser
  • how to troubleshoot technical errors, and
  • how to craft an e-mail security policy
Kirkus Reviews calls Netiquette IQ “a mashup of Strunk and White, Miss Manners, Aristotle and Microsoft Help, all laid out in a well-organized, very readable text sprinkled with amusing examples and phrased in the tart, aphoristic style of an exacting schoolmaster (‘The better it sounds, the more it is trusted’).”
So, let Paul Babicki show you how to hone and refine your Net expertise! Bring a friend and come to hear him speak at PSGCNJ’s general meeting on Monday, February 17th, from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., at the First United Methodist Church, located at 48 West High Street, Somerville.