Saturday, April 5, 2014

The world's most popular email product is Gmail. Obviously, when there are new changes or enhancements, it is newsworthy. Here are some new features

Gmail to Undergo Facelift With Snooze Button, Email Pinning And Extra Tabs
International Business Times
By Pavithra Rathinavel | April 4, 2014 12:23 AM EST
Google is testing out an assortment of new features for its Gmail. This includes a snooze button, email pinning and extra tabs.
Snooze Button
Snooze button ensures important emails are not forgotten in the pile up of new emails. When you get an email, you can hit the snooze button and set the timer. In the mean time, the snoozed email appears as "read email" until the timer goes off. The mail will find its way back to the top of the mail stack and turns unread. According to, "You can choose to "snooze" an email for a couple of hours or several weeks depending on your need, and you can snooze messages over and over again."

REUTERS/Stephen Lam
Apparently, this snooze button is not a brand new feature, "When Mailbox (owned by Dropbox) was launched, the ability to "snooze" an email and have it resurface at the top of your inbox was one of its exciting features," TechCrunch cited.
Google seems to have taken a cue from Mailbox to incorporate the same feature in Gmail and make emailing more relevant to recent times.
Extra Tabs
Gmail users can expect many tabs than what we already have. The extra tabs will help sort the emails better. As reported, in addition to the existing tabs like Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, Forums, Google plans to add tabs for Travel, Purchases (for receipts etc.) and Finance.
Email Pinning
Email pinning is a feature where you can pin a particular email so that it stays on top of the email stack until you unpin it. There is a toggle switch associated with the pin, using which you can either see the pinned email or you can make the email go back to its original position in the Inbox.
There is no official word from Google in any of these new additions/features to Gmail. But if reports were true, these features are in testing phase.