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Netiquette IQ - Tabula Rosa Newsletter and Our New Radio Podcast on May 31st

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Tufin's SecureTrack ; from the Netiquette IQ blog: Good Reasons 
to improve your Netiquette, and an interview with Frank Wander, 
founder of PeopleProductive.

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Each week we will highlight one of our products, share a Netiquette IQ Blog and direct you to our BlogTalkRadio program which airs on Saturday's at Noon, EST.

Tabula Rosa Systems (TRS) is dedicated to providing Best of Breed Technology and Best of Class Professional Services to our Clients. TRS offers product design, implementation and support services on all products that we represent. Additionally, TRS provides expertise in Network AnalysiseBusiness, Application ProfilingePolicy and eBusiness Troubleshooting.

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SecureTrack | Unified Firewall Management

SecureTrack is a proven management platform for firewalls, routers, load-balancers and additional network devices. It enables security and network teams to successfully handle frequent, rapid changes to device configurations in an increasingly complex and diverse network environment.

With SecureTrack, you get the visibility and insight you need to ensure that security policies and ACLs enable business connectivity while meeting the most stringent security and compliance requirements. It enables you to track changes and analyze device configurations, optimize and recertify firewall rules, design changes, and ensure continuous compliance across the network. Thanks to its visualization and analysis capabilities, customers report that SecureTrack cuts the cost of firewall operations in half.

Central visibility and control over network changes in complex environments
Accurate and efficient network security changes for reduced downtime
Faster audit preparation
Know all network security policies and changes are in line with corporate policies for effective risk management

SecureTrack Features

Unified Management
Centrally manage security policies on firewalls, routers, switches, load balancers and more.

Continuous monitoring of policy configuration changes along with real-time compliance alerts.


Assess your risk posture and perform risk assessment before making changes


Streamline large rules bases and clean up unused or shadowed rules and objects.


Real-time compliance monitoring, analysis and alerts for every policy change.


Instant compliance audit reporting including PCI DSS, SOX and corporate compliance.


Visual zone-to-zone mapping for network segmentation management.


Powerful network topology analysis and mapping for accurate network changes.


Simulate security policy risks when making firewall changes.

Rule Analysis

Identify overly permissive rules and optimize policies.


Easily perform rule recertification with integrated documentation, expiration and reporting.

For more information, call Tabula Rosa Systems at 609-818-1802, or email
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  2. Time will be saved
  3. The return on investment will be covered within 1-3 days
  4. You’ll feel better about your communications
  5. You will stop making mistakes you never knew you were making
  6. More recipients will reply to you
  7. You’ll eliminate most, if not all, of your email errors
  8. Your social media will be enhanced
  9. Your business communications will improve
  10. Your personal communication skills will be enriched
  11. So your email will be opened and read!

Upcoming Events on BlogTalkRadio, Saturdays at Noon (EST) 5/31 (Noon) EST Frank Wander is an author, former CIO, and founder of PeopleProductive, a technology driven consultancy providing workforce productivity and innovation solutions to clients. After investing many years transforming failing IT divisions across corporations, Wander realized these failures had a consistent root cause: corporate cultures where the leaders knew everything about products, processes and technology, but nothing about the human factors that underpin workforce productivity and innovation. This awareness led him to write a book for Wiley Publishing, titled Transforming IT Culture: How to Use Social Intelligence, Human Factors and Collaboration to Create an IT Department that Outperforms. This book is the missing Operators Manual for the human infrastructure. PeopleProductive helps companies build high performing cultures, by applying the human factors of productivity and innovation to unlock five levels of cultural maturity. Products include cultural assessments, cultural transformation roadmaps and implementations, management off-sites/workshops, organizational design services, workforce planning, and training. In these times of tight budgets, the largest unexploited opportunity for most companies is to unlock the full talent potential of their existing staff, often doubling their productivity.

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