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Gigamon's GigaSMART - Line-Rate packet Modification Technology; from the Netiquette IQ blog: Five Difficult Email Habits to Stop, and an interview with management recruiter,  Gene Salvadore.

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Line-Rate Packet 
Modification Technology
Gigamon’s patented GigaSMART® technology can enhance your monitoring infrastructure with a range of packet functions and intelligent applications to enable the modification, manipulation, transformation, and transport of traffic from your network to the tools you rely upon for management, monitoring, and security.

GigaSMART technology extends the intelligence and value of the Gigamon Visibility Fabric™ architecture with the capabilities to modify packets at line rate and add valuable information through packet functions including packet slicing, masking, source port labeling, tunneling, header stripping, time stamping, and Layer 7 load balancing. GigaSMART applications provide stateful packet correlation capabilities that enable de-duplication and provide session awareness for enhanced visibility and insights into the control and data traffic flows.
Network monitoring tools can now perform more efficiently by eliminating unwanted content with de-duplication and packet slicing. Masking allows network security teams to hide confidential information like passwords, financial accounts, or medical data enabling companies to meet SOX, HIPAA, and PCI compliance regulations. Organizations can improve accuracy by adding source or timing information at the point of collection with the source port labeling and time stamping capabilities.
Enhanced packet distribution features available with Adaptive Packet Filtering or Layer 7 load balancing, enable visibility into packet contents. When combined with header stripping, tools can operate more effectively by removing unwanted protocol headers.
The advanced processing capabilities of the GigaSMART card can also be leveraged to summarize and generate NetFlow statistics from incoming traffic streams. Offloading NetFlow Generation to the out-of-band Gigamon Visibility Fabric eliminates the risk of expending expensive production network resources in generating these analytics. Enhanced flow-level visibility across remote locations and Big Data environments can be used to derive usage patterns, top talkers, top applications, etc. for effective capacity planning and enforcing security policies.
With the GigaSMART GTP Correlation application, service providers can reliably filter and forward specified subscriber sessions (both GTP-c and GTP-u) to monitoring and analytic tools. Gigamon’s FlowVUE™ application is a subscriber IP-based sampling paradigm that allows for sampling of active subscriber’s device IPs (UE IP’s) across GTP-u tunnels. The integrity of the sampled subscriber flows is preserved by forwarding all the packets associated with the user-endpoint to the probes. The ability to filter and sample on subscriber devices and transmit all the associated sessions of interest to the monitoring tools intelligently reduces the amount of data, while enabling Big Data throughput processing, with existing cost structures.

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5 Difficult Email Habits to Stop

Most advice on email Netiquette, including this blog at times, focuses on things which are most apparent. This includes grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. 

It has been stated previously in this blog and addressed more thoroughly in my  book,"NetiquetteIQ - A Comprehensive Guide to Improve, Enhance and Add Power to Your Email" that much of good Netiquette involves establishing good habits and processes. There are many more subtle items which you should be mindful of to assist you in having advanced email skills.

The following are five items which many senders, even those with high Netiquette skills, find difficulty in doing or often overlook. Here are a first round of five, in no predetermined order.

1. Using I to begin an email, paragraph or overusing this pronoun in a message

2. Utilizing too many incomplete or shortened sentences

3. Inadvertently having imperatives or requests which can be misunderstood as commands

4. Presuming shortened names are appropriate

5. Giving complete dates, including day, date and month

Try this simple exercise!

To see if you are prone or tend to overlook the above five items, do the following. Take the next ten or twenty emails of more than three or four paragraphs which you compose and scan them for the items mentioned. Look for items such as let's, you must (as commands) or a shortened date. Some of the others are more obvious. Some senders, myself included, will find that not using I to begin an email or paragraph can be a challange. 

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Gene Salvadore
Founder, President and CEO of Convergent Search Group, Inc., and Managing Director of CompuSearch of Cranberry brings with him more than a decade of engineering sales and executive search experience including prior employment within the Management Recruiter International network. Gene has worked comprehensively with clients throughout the United States building national sales and sales engineering teams focused upon network and enterprise systems providers. Utilizing his extensive contacts throughout the industry and strategic partnerships with other key recruiters who similarly specialize in his area of expertise, he possesses a unique understanding of the key players and the specifics of their highly sophisticated product offerings.

5/17 (Noon) EST
Wanda Ellett
Founder, G45 Consulting, a certified Minority-Woman owned, privately held firm dedicated to providing outstanding service for their clients.  Their team consists of energetic solution driven professionals, spanning many industries, specializing in Technology and Finance.

5/24 (Noon) EST
Serkan Gecmen
Developer of the Netiquette IQ online test.Serkan has also worked in the formative levels of the gaming industry and gained significant operational perspective to manage and foster success in seven casino resorts throughout the nation. His efforts have been maximizing guest satisfaction and profitability, property re-branding, hotel launch, advertising, direct marketing, development and execution of large scale promotions and creative concepts that build brand awareness, strategic planning, budget forecasting, Asian marketing, as well as large scale contract negotiations, media oversight, special event planning, entertainment and casino host management.