Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Netiquette Core Basics For an Email Viewing Pane - A true Secret For Message Success

One item often overlooked by email senders is the viewing pane. Not all email products support this, many do. Some readers will look at the pane first and open a new email based on this criteria alone. Below are some great hints to utilize this hidden feature. Make sure you try these!

The email viewing pane

One way to grad an email recipient’s quick attention is to have a list of bullet points of 5-10 lines.  No more than these should be provided as the viewing pane is about this size.  This is the idea of presenting information “above the fold” in a physical letter.  Moreover, more items than this will possibly come across as an over embellishment.  Check out The Gregg Reference Manual http://www.mhhe.com/business/buscom/gregg/

Begin with a good format. Recommended formats included:

  1. Numbers
  • Bullets
a)    Lower case letters
  1. Make good
  • Make good
b)    Make good
  1. List definers
  • List definers
c)    List definers
When using any of these lists, lower case letters are best but capitalized letters are acceptable.  Just be consistent.  Similarly, be consistent with using fragment or complete sentences.  Use proper punctuation with complete sentences but no with fragments.  Too much punctuation is deleterious. [Show email page views]
Finally, maintain parallelism, i.e., if starting each item with a verb, keep it that way.  Lastly, maintain consistency with first, second or third person mood.
Other items which are normally useful within a viewing pane are power words.  Industry buzz words (insider shorthand).  Your best approach is to echo those words used in a job description.  Whatever you do, make sure you know the full definition of the buzzwords you are using.
Show two paragraphs – one with buzzwords and one without
Another item to consider for the viewing pane is to compliment the company for a significant achievement such as an Initial Public Offering (IPO), merger, new product or press release.  Follow this with a brief statement of wanting to be a contributing part of this success.
Populate the viewing window with power words (go to http://netiquetteiq.blogspot.com/ and click on resources)
When including attachments, be sure to use the PDF format so that your information will not be able to be edited.
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