Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Netiquette IQ Quote of The Day - One of The Longest Run-on Sentences Ever

Yesterday's post was about long sentences. Today's quote is not really a quotation as such, only an example of a very long sentence!

The Most Excruciating Run-On Sentence in the History of the Internet
Maureen O'Connor 12/28/11 3:16pm Gawker 12/28/11 3:16pm

 “Because I mean one of the truths about being a modern Western individual is that you likely have this idea about a person you want to be, and that person has a title even, a title like Young Professional or All-Around Good Person Of Above Average Intelligence, and to justify excessive ‘gaps' in productivity by holding firm the belief that you're "only human" and thus naturally lack sufficient motivation to do anything beyond obsessively watching YouTube videos and browsing reddit—where the premise of the idea of doing "anything beyond" obsessively watching YouTube videos and browsing reddit has, in a kind of relief, suddenly become sort of congratulatory, as if by doing "anything beyond" watching YouTube videos and browsing reddit you've become secretly heroic or are, just by not wasting oxygen, currently actualizing a person you want to be/ have always known you were/ are at your core—to justify your inaction with the belief that you're "only human" is a behavior that stands in opposition of who you tell yourself you want to be and believe you are, if you have any Western-style aspirations at all.”
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