Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Netiquette Core Principles of Breaking Out of a Rut Via Netiquette IQ


The Netiquette core principles of breaking out of a rut

Rather than second guess if you are in a rut or if you are just experiencing a downturn in email replies, I have put together an exercise of suggested items which will provide actions to introduce vitality, minor positive adjustments and creative suggestions to assist you in achieving better success with email opens, responses and positive fulfillment of your goals.  I have entitled this procedure “30 minutes to get out of your email rut.

This process will be of value whether you indeed are in a rut or it will serve as a means to making positive adjustments.

1.           Get creative.

2.           Put in links which pertain to the email content.

3.           Examine your process (if it exits) and see where you might improve.

4.           Change your normal process.

5.           Ask a few people for a brief critique.

6.           Focus – don’t try to be everything to all.

7.           Develop some templates for different email situations.

8.           Personalize.

9.           Ask someone to scan your email – does it impel  users to stop and read and complete my message?

10.        Reflect if you are expecting too much.

11.        Review your Netiquette basics.

12.        Questions:

A.   Are you following up?

B.   Are you asking for a reply?  Do you mail people too little or too late?

C.   Are you overcompensating?

13.        Do you honor your commitments?

14.        Try adding more emphasis with power or beautiful words.

15.        Are you stepping out of character?

16.        Try emailing at off hours, but not too early or too late.

17.        Add more value – be engaging with:

A.   Adding a tip which connects to the recipient.

B.   An interesting link.

C.   A fact about an appropriate topic.

D.  A question that you know they can answer.

In any of the above, do not overdo it! My new book will detail these items specifically. My first book, described below also gives rich detail on these items. 
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