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Netiquette IQ Blog Of 5/6/2015 - Email Templates And Their Benefits

I have continuously advocated in this blog, my published book on Netiquette and my soon to be released book, that good Netiquette = More email opens, reads and responses. The article below also reflects this theory.

Good Netiquette to all!

How Email Templates Help Sales Teams Mind Their Ps and Qs MAY 4, 2015  Jennifer Dignum
I read some research recently that said nearly 80% of people decide to engage or not engage with people based on their email etiquette! Even bigger was the finding that 88% of us spend time rewriting emails to sound more intelligent. The research went on to highlight a few other email issues – such as millennials wanting to sound more educated and an overall preference for short emails.
Think of your own sales organization for a moment. How often do your reps send out emails on a daily basis? For most sales reps, it can be between 30-40 emails a day.
These emails can represent the first impression a prospect has of your business and – if you consider the above research findings – can be a make or break opportunity. Additionally, if 90% of your sales reps are spending time to rewrite all of their emails, it can also take up a huge amount of time – time that could be spent better engaging with more prospects!
With email templates and automated sequencing, sales leaders can remove the biggest concerns they have around emails, such as whether their sales reps are:
  • Spending too much time writing emails?
  • Making typos or grammatical errors in prospect emails?
  • Sending emails that aren’t effective?
  • Sending too many emails too frequently?
Email templates increase a rep’s productivity
With email templates specifically created for different stages of the purchasing cycle and customized for different types of customers, sales reps can save considerable time in their day – and still retain the ability to personalize their communications. Email templates give them that control combined with a powerful, time-saving baseline for email interactions.
Email templates can eliminate typos and grammatical errors
You can’t always prevent typos, but email templates give you the very best chance possible. With an email template, you can ensure that the bulk of copy is clearly and concisely written and contains no grammatical errors, and still giving reps some latitude for personalization.
Email templates can improve success rate
By combining email templates with analytics, organizations can see which emails deliver the best performance. This insight allows you to quickly identify the emails that engage prospects the most – and get rid of the ones that don’t! Using templates that have been proven to successfully engage prospects, your sales reps can be confident about the email content based on its past history of success – and not waste time re-writing routine email correspondence.
Sequencing of email templates
Going a step further, email sequencing can deliver the biggest return by automating a series of emails based on a particular prospect’s response or where a prospect is in the buying cycle. For example, if you send a group of emails, and half of the recipients open them, you can choose to send a specific email for the recipients who opened the email and a different one for those who didn’t – and maybe the latter a few days later. With analytics showing the approach that works best, sales leaders can outline a clear path for sales reps to follow in their email communications with prospects.
You never get a second chance to make a first impression. With inside sales rapidly outpacing field sales, emails have become a de facto form of prospect and customer communication. Make it easy for your sales team to mind their email Ps and Qs and keep the focus on core selling activities with automated email templates and sequencing.
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