Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Netiquette IQ Blog Of 11/23/16 - Some Legal Aspects Of Netiquette

The blog post below is from my book, Netiquette IQ . . ., which is described below. Many people think of legal aspects on the Internet as non-existent when it comes to intellectual property. The same holds true for the presumption of privacy. This blog post hopefully will assist in clarifying these issues.

Good Netiquette to all!


My original response was to sue her for defamation of character but then I realized I had no character.
—Charles Barkley

        Books, articles, and papers have long been covered by copyright protection. Email is also considered to have copyright protection but by its very nature opens the door to more extensive and common abuse. Since email is a form of electronic media, it can be massively distributed, forwarded, duplicated, and posted. Since it is a creative work—a medium of expression—you retain the copyright interest in anything you send. For example, if you send someone an email that is copied, the email is pulled down from the a server., saved and then pasted elsewhere.  If this is done without permission, it is not legal.
        However, there is a general consensus that the above does not apply when posting on the Internet. By sending you an email, I have no reason to assume that it is going to be posted on your site. Therefore, most likely, the implied license  will not cover that. To clarify, an email recipient does not have an inherent right to copy or post an email. Those issues have to be taken case by case.  Here is a brief overview of the differences among patents, trademarks and copyrights.  A patent is a tangible manifestation of an idea and not the idea alone.  This can be the NetiquetteIQ test.  (See  A trademark is a symbol, often a logo of a product.  See the NetiquetteIQ logo on this books’ cover.  A copyright is the expression of an idea through a medium such as NetquitteIQ software.

Email privacy

        The privacy issue is much more complex than issues of copyright[ and, unfortunately, cannot be completely answered here. The right to privacy greatly depends upon five things:
  1. The laws of the state(s) involved
  2. What was in the email
  3. What information was posted
  4. Whether or not the person who sent the email is a public figure
  5. The illegality potential
One certainty here is that a person who thrusts him- or herself into the public spotlight—for example, by running a site or introducing themselves into a major controversy—has fewer privacy protections than a regular citizen. This is not to say it would not be a privacy violation to post something from a public figure; it would just be a harder privacy case to make. The real issue is what is in the email and what is posted. If it is a rave review for a restaurant, that is much different than posting a secret on someone. The bottom line is, whether it is an invasion of privacy or a very sensitive issue.
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