Saturday, December 15, 2012

Netiquette forwarding rules

Today's blog offers some concise tips on forwarding and resending email messages. As always, proper Netiquette should be maintained. Moreover, since the characteristics of these types of emails are different, sometimes extra considerations should be considered.


        When forwarding, it should be made certain that the email is being sent to the recipient's appropriate account (business, personal, group).  If one chose's to send to a group, it should be insured that this not going to cause any problems.  It is best here to forward to individuals.  Consideration should be given for using the bcc:  method as well.  Additionally, an explanation should be given to ensure  a message or thread is being forwarded and if one is not the composer, state a reason for the mail.

        Sometimes a message is returned because one of the recipient's addresses is typed incorrectly.  Rather than resending the message again to everyone, it should be resent only to the addressee who did not receive it.  One should make sure this is mentioned.  One can accomplish this by forwarding the email as well.  Similarly, with a resending with the successful recipients, explain what and why it is being done. 

Resending messages

        This method can be a very useful tool.  Often a recipient  has not received or has lost a message.  If you do resend a message and include additional recipients, take the same care and steps as you would when forwarding.  If the original mail was a sender request, make sure to state "second request or "resent" in the reference bar.

        Do not gloat about resending a message to prove a point since the original meaning for sending or interpretation for a message may have been misread by the sender.  If you are resending a message which was not received, was lost or needs more information, take proper care that the content is still timely, relevant and complete.  You may need to add more information and if this is the case, add the information separately and be clear as to how and why.  Do not change the original message since it may later be read or compared to the original.

Yesterday's quiz was: When was the first email sent from space?

1. 1971

2. 1980

3. 1985


5. 1995

Which country was responsible for the first email?

1. The United States

2. Russia/Soviet Union

3. Israel

4. China

5. North Korea

The correct answers are the United States sent the first email from space in 1991. Here is the message:

“Hello Earth! Greetings from the STS-43 Crew. This is the first AppleLink from space. Having a GREAT time, wish you were here… send cryo and RCS! Hasta la vista, baby… we’ll be back!”

Here is today's quiz/fact:

What percentage of time does the average worker spend on email per day?

1. 15%
2. 21%
3. 28%
4. 35%
5. More than 35%

The answer will appear in the next blog posting.