Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Our post of 12/11/2012 turned out to be a repeat of  a previous post. Kindly pardon this oversight.

Today's post is a compedieum of annoying, overused and cliche terms which many email users unconsciously resort to. Most of these do not add any real value to an email communication and rather detract from the intended substance of the message itself. Good email Netiquette utilization will make it a point to keep these words or phrases at a minimum or elimate them altogeather.  Please feel free to add to these in a comment.

1.   At the end of the day

2.   Fairly unique

3.   I personally

4.   At this moment in time

5.   With all due respect

6.   Absolutely

7.   It's a nightmare

8.   Shouldn't of

9.   24/7

10.   It's not rocket science

11.   Very unique (related to #3)

12.   It's not brain surgery (related to #10)

13.   Perfect (related to #6)

14.   No problem

15.   For sure

16.   FYI

17.   ASAP

18.   To tell the truth

19.   You have caught me away

20.   No way

21.   Out of the box

22.   Ergonomically

23.   My bad

24.   Not to worry

25.   No worries

26.   In my humble opinion - IMHO

27.   Dude!

28.   Swell

29.   Right on!

30.   Yeah!

31.   Pursuant

32.   As per our discussion

33.   Alright - not a word - use all right

34.   Should of

35.   With all due respect

36.   KISS (Keep it simple stupid)

37.   Hit (visit)

38.   Distro (Distribution list)

39.   Bang for the buck

40.   Viral

41.   Goggle (as a verb)

42.   Epic Fail (as a noun)

43.   I'm just saying

44.   Chat

45.   No brainer

46.   Slam dunk

47.   You betcha

48.   Seriously

49.   To make a long story short
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Today's quiz. Which country generates the most spam. Russia, China, Brazil, United States, or Germany? Take a guess of the percentage of world wide spam each of these contribute as well. Answers will appear in the next blog posting.